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  • Aidan Lewis

BETA partners with Digital Cognate to deliver Golden Thread compliance

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

London, Monday 24th April 2023: BETA today announces a new collaboration with deep-tech software provider Digital Cognate to help support the Built Environment Industry navigate the challenges of digital transformation and Golden Thread Compliance.

Driven by the new UK Building Safety Act, the construction industry is facing a number of stringent new building and fire safety regulations. It is also looking for a technology-based solution, to support digital Golden Thread Compliance. The Challenges of such a transition are huge. Construction projects consist of complex ecosystems made up of multiple and unconnected parties. They involve massive amounts of data across many different systems each referencing a mix of physical and digital assets in numerous file formats. And in addition, the resulting solution must be easy to access, transferable and secure throughout its lifecycle. Detailed specifications and requirements have not been defined by the regulators as yet, but this new forward-thinking collaboration between Digital Cognate and BETA aims to help navigate key players through to finding a suitable, appropriate and effective solution.

Who are Digital Cognate, and what value can they add to help solve some of these challenges?

Digital Cognate is an innovative deep-tech software provider, driven by a strong desire to secure data integrity and digital trust for the long term. Their solution offers an innovative cloud-based approach to business transactions, providing the necessary technology that ensures the integrity of complex data, securely linking and locking all associated approvals and detail within an immutable and full audit trail. Digital Cognate have been working to tailor their existing solution so it underpins BSA Golden Thread compliance, providing digital records that remain available and unchanged for the life of the building. Data can be entered and accessed easily by all contributors and stakeholders in a building construction project. These records are immutable and legally admissible. Digital Cognate can also integrate with existing infrastructures / BIM systems, for both physical and digital assets, providing both a real time control layer for BSA/GT compliance and all necessary longer term auditable records and data.

What's in store?

By joining our collective forces of insight, network, technology and expertise together, we hope to lead industry discussions and debates and help map out a practical way to meet these challenges head on with Digital Cognate. Paul McCarthy, CEO Digital Cognate comments “This is a fantastic step forwards for both Digital Cognate and BETA; both parties believe passionately in finding the best solution possible for developing a fully functioning Golden Thread for the construction industry and we look forward to engaging with the industry as a whole on this exciting journey!”.

Aidan Lewis, Head of Partnerships at BETA comments further “At BETA, our ethos is about reshaping the built environment through partnerships - collaboration is at the centre of everything we do. We are thrilled to be working alongside Digital Cognate as technology innovators on this all-encompassing transformation for the UK’s construction and built environment industries.”

More details and news of events and activities will be announced shortly. Subscribe to the BETA newsletter for the latest updates.


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