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  • Aidan Lewis

BETA partners with SEKTOR to drive ‘best-in-class’ tech adoption within the construction industry

The Built Environment Technology Association (BETA) announces a new collaboration with construction and real estate technology specialists, SEKTOR, to help drive digital transformation and tech deployment across the built world. Read on to find out what this means for the industry.

The demand for change and technological advancement within the construction industry has never been stronger, with leading contractors, developers, and real estate firms making constant advancement in their tech deployment. Nevertheless, transition to a fully tech-enabled industry is a mammoth task and one that requires long-term, active collaboration between enterprise, technology solution providers, and industry investors. This joint venture between BETA and SEKTOR aims to advance this sector-wide challenge, helping to improve the way construction firms source, deploy, and operate industry tech. The combination of both party’s international networks and expertise will help to streamline ConTech adoption and enhance relationships between scale-ups and enterprises.

About the Partners

BETA is the UK's leading built environment & technology networking platform. Through information sharing and networking, they help members to build long-term, fruitful relationships throughout the built environment sector. With a team of industry experts and consultants, they help to bridge the gap between emerging industry start-ups and traditional service providers. Operating primarily across the UK & Europe, BETA is helping to connect exciting ConTech and PropTech companies with leading developers, contractors, and investors.

SEKTOR is a Technology Deployment and Value Management Platform for Construction and Real Estate. SEKTOR has become a trusted partner for some of the most prominent global brands, including Parsons, Ferrovial, VINCI, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, CCC, and more. With a team of Civil Engineers and Project Managers, SEKTOR has evaluated 500+ construction tech solutions while managing implementations for 2,000+ projects globally. Their All-in-One solution is helping industry firms to assess and deploy effective technology solutions, improving company processes and increasing ROI on projects across the globe.

Speaking on the joint venture, Aidan Lewis, Head of Partnerships for BETA commented “BETA was founded with the mission of improving connection and collaboration within the built environment, helping to create a more innovative, cohesive built world for us all. The same can be said for SEKTOR and we’re delighted to be partnering with the team. Their work in enhancing technology deployment will be a vital asset to the BETA network, further helping our start-up community gain access to leading construction and real estate firms.”

Angelos Nicolaou, CEO of SEKTOR stated, “We at SEKTOR understand the challenges that enterprises face when adopting new technologies, and we're proud of the role we've played in advancing technological deployment across the globe. The partnership with BETA is a significant step forward in streamlining the process. This synergy of expertise, network, and shared mission, will not only help start-ups gain visibility but also assist enterprises in harnessing the power of PropTech and ConTech, ensuring they adopt the best fit-for-purpose technologies. Together, we will revolutionise the built environment, making it more efficient, sustainable, and technologically advanced. We're thrilled to embark on this journey with BETA and are optimistic about this collaboration's immense potential."

What this means for the 'SEKTOR'

The addition of SEKTOR’s expertise will see an enhancement of BETA’s events calendar, driving more effective networking opportunities, sales events, demo days, and industry meet-ups. With an annual calendar of industry events and opportunities, BETA has developed into a leading built world network within the UK, helping start-ups to develop new industry relationships. SEKTOR will add real value to the network, helping advance those relationships and explore opportunities for technology adoption across construction and real estate projects. Their expertise in tech implementation and scalability will help to create more meaningful connections across the global built environment.

BETA will share further details of planned events and activities in the coming weeks.


How to stay up to date.

To stay updated on the latest developments from this partnership, make sure to subscribe to the BETA Newsletter and follow both BETA and SEKTOR on LinkedIn.


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